Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Spam, Scam or the Real Deal?

Update: December 28th, 2010

I received an email from CEO Ventures requesting that I delete this blog.

I prefer to leave the information and just change anything that I wrote that has not been proven to be true. However, I will not be able to change information other people have posted.

It's a free country so feel free to investigate the company for yourselves.



it has been a couple of weeks since I last touched base and I wanted to check back in with you regarding The CMO Summit. We have a couple of openings in Groups 11 and 12 due to some retirements. I listed many of the existing members in these two groups at for your review and I am sure you would benefit from the ideas. Please let me know of your interest.


Chris Jameson
The CMO Summit
1200 Abernathy Road, 17th Fl.
Atlanta, GA 30328
Mail back to decline further.

For my records in case any follow-up is needed, I show your contact information as:


MAG said...

I received yet another one of these today (have received four total). The guy is getting more desperate all the time. Sometimes they invite me to the Sales Summit, sometimes to the CIO Summit.

These emails are sent to an address that is, purposely, only posted to our web site. I ran a WHOIS on the domain ‘’ and discovered it was created rather recently: 07 Nov, 2007. The web site has a polished facade, but the address displays in the address bar as “” once you go there. Amateurish.

Googling turned up nothing on them at all other than blogs about the scam. Yet their web site has this scrolling list of big company names on the web site. Right.

Thanks for getting the word out.

Anonymous said...

i just got one of these e-mails as well...seems the name has changed to "The Training Summit", but the guys name and address is the same. i'm glad i googled him and found your website! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I got the Chris Jameson emails.
I was also sent emails from the same Abernathy Road address with these names, which should be added to this blog so that others will find this on a search:

Mar 5:
Jordan Freedman

Feb 27:
Marcie Harruff

Feb 21 2008:
Alex Purnell of

Feb 13 2008:
Chris Taylor of

Dec 3 2007:
Chris Landon of

NEVER reply to emails that look "fishy" because they are probably "phishing".

Thank you all!

Anonymous said...

This spammer is now operating through

Chris Jameson
Solutions Consultant
1200 Abernathy Road, Suite 1700
404-592-9906 Ext. 803

jim said...

i'm getting them from:
Taylor Evans
The CMO Summit
1200 Abermathy Road, Suite 1700
Atlanta, Georgia 30328
404.592.9904 Ext 804

Anonymous said...

Whois tracks back to same person: Chris Jameson marietta, ga. Website looks polished and topics look legit. But IMO there's a better value in local networking. Email to me as follows:

From: Alex Parnell []
Sent: Wednesday, September 02, 2009 10:02 AM
To: James [redacted]
Subject: James, meeting

Hi James. On behalf of our Board, I wanted to personally invite you into
The Rising Executive Summit because of your key role and experience.

The Rising Executive Summit is an invitation-only group comprised of the
very best executives and visionaries rising up through key companies. We
meet monthly by teleconference to exchange what is working, what is not,
strategies and ideas. It is a confidential forum with dedicated groups of
other successful executives whose only agenda is to help each other
outperform. Our site is at

I am certain you will find the experience both enjoyable and useful in
your efforts. Here is our site as background if you could take a look and
please let me know of your decision. Thanks James.

Alex Parnell
The Rising Executive Summit
1200 Abermathie Road, Suite. 1700
Atlanta, Georgia 30328
404.592.9904 Ext 804

Anonymous said...

He also goes by...

Taylor Evans
The CMO Summit
1200 Abermathy Road, Suite 1700
Atlanta, Georgia 30328

This is the second [personalized] email I receive from this person. Since it came to my work email and we have a Marketing Dept, I cc'd the president. Thank you for the warnings. Gotta run and see the boss!

Anonymous said...

Got one today from a new source

Taylor Evans
The Training Summit
(803) 712-3361


Anonymous said...

He is still out there and under many diffiert titles and summits. Here is the latest one I just received.

Chris Jameson
The COO/Operations Summit
Tel. (803) 712-3027

Our postal address if needed is 600 Northpark Center Bldg, Suite 1700,
Atlanta GA 3O328.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning. It was hard to turn up muchn these guys. Maybe I'll give the $495 to Scammers Annonymous.

Anonymous said...


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Andrew Badera said...

These jokers are now trying to threaten me, and unrelated employers, with a lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Just to say that I received one of these too and they chased me for a response today. I work at a University but they got the name of my Faculty wrong, although I do work in training. Thanks for posting your blog. The website does look very good but it does smell of scam to me..

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how many bloggers do not check their blogs for junk postings like the one with the person asking for a loan.

Anonymous said...

I get the same spam email to email addresses that were invented by spammers that forged my domain. These scammers probably got spam from the fake address when my domain was forged and just added those "From" addresses to their spam list.